Historical Benefits of Tea

Historical Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks of the elders who want to relax and be cured from their physical illness, most especially stress. It can be bought from different convenient stores but do you know the historical health benefits of tea?

Tea originally came from China and was introduced to the Western civilization when colonization took place. It later spread throughout varied cultures and became well-known in its different forms and tastes but it still maintained its medicinal purposes.

Here is a record the different countries that have used TEA as a form of medicine in their olden times.


According to studies, China is the first country, which has the earliest record of tea consumption. As early as 10th Century BC, Chinese physician and surgeon Hua T’o (Hua Tuo) had written Shin Lun which describes tea’s ability to improve mental functions.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a tradition wherein they include the Hong Kong-style milk tea as a beverage, part of their lunch tea culture. It is a mixture of black tea with evaporated or condensed milk and studies show that black tea helps in protecting the lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke as well as reducing the risk of stroke.


Tea was introduced to Japan in the sixth century by a priest named Saichō and afterwards became a drink of the religious classes. The green tea that has been brewed in Japan since the early times is known to have high concentrations of EGCG. It is also known as the “anti-oxidant tea”, which helps interfere in the growth of bladder, breast, stomach, pancreatic and colorectal cancer.


Korea has an early record of drinking tea as a part of the “Day Tea Rite” as their daytime ceremony and the “Special Tea Rite”, which is reserved for special occasions. Pu-erh tea is the one being used in their traditional tea ceremonies and it is known for its capability to loosen someone’s weight and reduce LDL cholesterol.


The country is famous for its Oolong tea-making that is also found to be heavily marketed as a weight loss supplement.

Having these facts, tea was already given birth during the ancient times and had been widely accepted by the market not only for its pleasant taste but also for its health benefits. Now, do you know where your tea has originated?