Can Herbs Cure Sinusitis?

Can Herbs Cure Sinusitis? Read This!

A sinus infection is one that can make one so miserable. In the past this infection could only be treated with decongestants and antibiotics. As the world strives to ��go green’, so has the cure for sinusitis. In this article we will seek to answer the question can herbs cure sinusitis? This infection can be cured naturally which can save you money on prescriptions and doctors visits.

Often, those that have used antibiotics can attest to the fact that their bodies become immune to this treatment over time. When treating sinusitis with herbs, this resistance does not happen. It is derived from the age old ��folk remedies that people of old adopted to cure various types of diseases and infections. These have been passed on from one generation to another and are as effective as they were then.

One of the ways you can treat sinusitis naturally from home is by using essential oils like oregano oil. This has great anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and can be added into drinking water or juice. A few drops will do and can be taken several times during the day. Within a few days, the sinus infection will have disappeared.

Another remedy to treat sinusitis the natural way entails using fresh lemons making a glass of hot lemonade. Instead of using cold water to prepare the lemonade, use hot water instead. This will not only protect you from severe sinus infections but also from flu, colds and fever. Lemon is known to contain antibacterial properties which make the individual feel calm and soothed.

If you are still asking yourself can herbs sure sinusitis? Then try using Oregon grapefruit for severe sinus infections. Due to its natural antibiotic that kills bacteria instantly , this natural remedy is very effective. But before taking in any herbal treatments, it is advisable to consult your doctor especially if you are pregnant.

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